Our Practice Areas

We acquire and manage the insurance requests of our customers, providing a highly specialized management team focused on finding the best product on the market at competitive prices.

Coverage of pure navigation risks

"Hull and machinery" insurance

Coverage of shipowners

P&I liability
Protection and Indemnity Insurance

Ancillary insurance coverage

such as, for example, loss of freight, bunkers, interest of the binding,shipowner's interests, etc.

Technical/legal opinions

Qualified claims management and technical / legal opinions

Containers cover

owned or rented
Cover against damage to containers, owned or rented

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About Marine Broker Ltd.

The company has been incorporated as an AIBC company on Nov. 25 2020 AIBC regulation 2014. The main activity is consultancy for ship- Owners and Operators with particular emphasis on insurance including but not limited to advice on placement to include design of insurance and self-insurance programs, negotiation, placement and administration of insurance arrangements, technical aspects of the insurance programs, contract evaluations, charting of insurers financials and solvency.

This is encompassed under the Clients’ need for both Hull & Machinery insurance, hereunder advice on the Institute Time Clauses as well as the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan, as well as their Protection & Indemnity insurances with the International Group of Protection & Indemnity Clubs.

Hereunder, applicable to all types of insurance for our Clients, the company’s undertakings include claims broking, handling and management. Notably administering claims and advice on insurance policy cover, appointment of Surveyors and Lawyers and Fire Experts, record and facilitate settlement of claims and furnishing statistical claims summaries.